History of leaflets distribution

Nowadays surprise anyone normal leaflet difficult. Modern flyer – perhaps the most common product advertising printing. Moscow printing leaflets printing any copies, using, depending on circulation, offset printing or offset printing services (digital printing). You can order leaflets in virtually any printing Moscow.

Leaflet nowadays performs most advertising, sometimes information or propaganda role. But a hundred years ago it was very different. Flyers are an instrument of political struggle, underground secretly produced and distributed in different ways short runs of leaflets.

It is clear that print leaflets in printing, the underground had no opportunity. Techniques familiar to us – scanners, printers, in those days did not exist. However, a solution was found. Underground movement helped hectograph – an interesting device invented by Russian engineer Alisova. In our time of such a device is likely no one heard. And in times of revolutionary struggle, it played a huge role.

Hectograph got its name from the Greek word “hecto” – a hundred. The fact that in this way was not possible to obtain more than one hundred impressions. And that only half of them had Bole-less decent quality, with each successive impression paler and paler.

The reason for the impossibility of making a large number of technology due to the peculiarities of this method for obtaining prints. It was that of gelatin, glycerin and water in the ratio 1: 2: 1 mixture was prepared which filled the tray from the tin. To the frozen mixture was applied aniline ink manuscript written and strongly pressed. A few minutes later a kind of “plate” was ready for manufacturing ottiskov.Ogromnym advantage for the underground was the possibility of producing leaflets in the home and the possibility of rapid destruction of the device in case of danger.

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