Production of leaflets: the maximum effect at minimum cost

Get the maximum effect with minimal head dreams of any company and the company. Of course, it is an ideal to aspire to.

Advertising printing offers many tools to promote your company, its products and services. Print advertising – the cheapest way to advertise. A leaflet – the cheapest advertising medium.

Leaflet – the most common advertising media, most affordable and popular type of print advertising. For flyers as advertising medium, characterized by high output, the relevance of the information, compactness and clarity of presentation of information, catchy and bright design, short lifespan, low cost of production instance.

The low cost of the leaflets due to the fact that the manufacture of the leaflets used only printing and cutting. No other operations are required. Is often used quite cheap paper and a small format. As a result, manufacturing costs flyers quite inexpensive.

It is low cost flyers, first of all, and that explains the high popularity of leaflets as advertisements. Leaflets we meet at every step – opening your mailbox, going to the subway, leaving the store, waiting for public transport – almost anywhere we will meet with the little advertising vehicle.

Little leaflet quite copes with his greatest challenge. According to studies, about 30% of all purchases done through the information about discounts and promotions derived from leaflets. Of course, it should be prepared leaflets and read. This is the most difficult task for printing and distributing leaflets.

To ensure that your little helpers have done their work, it is necessary to take care of their competent and thoughtful design, quality printing. It is also important to choose the right way to implement flyers. Well, if the place will be handing out leaflets as close to the advertised object or place the greatest concentration of your target audience. For example, leaflets, advertising auto parts, most efficiently distribute the parking lot near petrol stations; leaflets offer tours – near the hotel; leaflets offer repair services effectively enough to stuff in the mailboxes, etc.

What determines the price of leaflets?

Flyers may have a variety of shapes, sizes, colors are available, printed on different paper types, be unilateral or bilateral. From it all depends on the price of the leaflets.

The cheapest option – to print monochrome or two-color flyers on offset paper weights from 65 to 80 g./Sq. However, the life of such leaflets are usually short, and advertising effect is very small.

Therefore, many firms and companies still care about the professional design and print your flyers on higher quality coated paper 90-130 gr./Sq.m.

Typography our company offers you not only the printing of leaflets, but also the development of the concept and design of leaflets according to your objectives and target audience, as well as services for the dissemination of leaflets.